We should all take a moment to look at adorable baby kitties less than 24h old.

You’re all welcome.

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  1. formermissmystic said: skjafhasdkfhasdf they’re so cutE!
  2. herbloodlacedtheirwinexarchive said: <— Would totally fly over and take one.
  3. allroundlostcause said: gfjdghfdkjghdfjghfdkg! I wish I could take one!
  4. strongforalittlething said: fdflakfhsdaklfjdskla OHMYGOD.
  5. ask-katherine-pierce said: asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm I ADORE CATS
  6. meredithcheats said: OMG WHAT CUTIES!!!!
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